Refuse and Recycling Collection

Refuse Collection Schedule

The collection schedule for residential and commercial refuse. 

Refuse Collection Rules and Regulations
A complete listing of the rules and regulations for refuse collection.

Village of Fairport Refuse Items
A master list of items and how they are disposed.

Residential Recycling Frequently Asked Questions

Recycling Details 
Residential recycling is provided to Village residents by Waste Management via a contract with Waste Management, the Town of Perinton and the Village of Fairport. Residential recycling service inquires should be directed to Waste Management Recycle at 585-254-3500

Items collected include recyclables #1 through #7 (which are plastics), paper, metal cans (with or without lids), glass bottles and jars, drink boxes, gable-top cartons, empty aerosol cans (no paints or pesticides), clean pizza boxes, paper boxes with the plastic liner removed(i.e. cracker, pasta, tissue, and cereal boxes), all books (including phone books), gift wrap, envelopes, and cardboard cut into 2' by 4' lengths and taped or tied in bundles. Plastic grocery bags are not accepted. Please remember to tear or shred any papers with identifying information, including financial statements or bills. Shredded paper must be in clear plastic bags only.
For additional residential recycling information: 

Household Hazardous Waste Collection

Electronic Waste Collection