Zoning Code Update Project

The Village of Fairport completed the comprehensive planning process by adopting a new Comprehensive Plan in November 2021.

Following adoption of any comprehensive plan, it is necessary to review and update the municipal Zoning Code to ensure the code is in conformance with the goals and policies of the comprehensive plan. This is necessary to guide development in the municipality so that the vision for that municipality is achieved.

The Village, as a result of the comprehensive planning effort, has adopted the following vision:

"The Village of Fairport strives to be a friendly, welcoming, and diverse community. Fairport is home to neighborhoods with unique characteristics that adapt to changes in societal demographics. We value tree-lined walkable streets and historic architecture. The picturesque Erie Canal is a famed landmark and heart of the Village; essential to economic and residential development, while drawing visitors for leisure opportunities. Quality services and municipal public power are attractions for residents and businesses to Fairport.

Moving forward, the Village will endeavor to achieve a quality of life that is equitable for residents, businesses and any who wish to be part of the Fairport community. We will continue to maintain and enhance our vibrant and active Main Street, business districts and neighborhoods; to attract diverse residential, shopping, dining, working and recreational uses. The Village will leverage our range of essential public services to foster sustained and resilient economic growth. Best practices of preservation, sustainability and public service will be our guiding principles for future land use policies and implementation strategies."

At this time, piecemeal update of the Zoning Code has occurred in response to identification of barriers to attaining the goals identified in the Comprehensive Plan. Although helpful to development and use of land within the boundaries of the Village, a comprehensive review and updated of the Code is necessary so that not only is there a framework to pursue the goals of the Comprehensive Plan, but that concepts such as transportation-supportive development, equity, and inclusion are evident though the requirements of the Zoning Code.

The Zoning Code Update is anticipated to take between 12 - 15 months. 
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